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Siria Camp - Masai Mara Review.  Siria Escarpment, Masai Mara National Reserve 00621, Kenya Masai Mara Siria Camp Review

Mara Siria is an exceptional, ecological, solar powered luxury tented bush camp at the peak of the Siria escarpment specially designed for adventurous travelers who want to experience a true sense of wildlife safari off the beaten track. Remember though, life is strict on camp and you must be escorted to your tent at night times. You dont really want to get lost in the dark and meet a lion face to face do you?

Masai Mara Siria Camp Review Masai Mara Siria Camp Review Masai Mara Siria Camp Review Masai Mara Siria Camp Review. Siria Escarpment, Masai Mara National Reserve 00621, Kenya

2011. The location of the camp is just great with a view second to none! Sun rises and sun sets are incredible as the staff working inside the camp. Perhaps the food was not as good as the rest of the camp but we are not complaining either on this respect!

2011. I like quiet small places and sought this out after realising that so many lodges and camps on the Mara catered for very large numbers of people whilst this only had a dozen tents/rooms. It turned out to be perfect for me - quiet, great atmosphere and wonderful views of the Mara. The tents are excellent - simple but beautiful and roomy; well spaced so you feel on your own at your tent.

2011. The location is breathtaking--sitting on the bench at the edge of the camp, looking down onto the Mara from the top of the escarpment. The tents were clean and comfortable, the food was expertly prepared, and the grounds of the camp are thoughtfully tended.

2011. Mara Siria offers unparalleled views over the Masai Mara for breakfast, but there are aspects of the camp that offer room for improvement. As other reviewers have mentioned, the regime at the camp expects clients to follow a fairly rigid schedule. It's not the sort of place where you can stroll down for a sundowner, or wander about with a camera.

2011. Staying at Mara Siria camp was amazing it was a great 1st safari experience for myself and 4 girlfriends. This camp was wonderful, a hidden gem. The staff were great. he tents were very comfortable and spacious and the social areas were very welcoming. if you want a delux safari "camp" experience at a very reasonable price this is it!

2011. A trip of a lifetime, the Camp was more than we expected, all the staff were very attentive & pleasant and the views of the Mara from the campsite were absolutely amazing. The food was very good & plentiful, complements to the chef. The safari was a dream come true.

2011. Mara Siria view fabulous and staff excellent food good its location is ecellent and also being a small camp not commercialised and eco-friendly.

2010. I visited Mara Siria with a friend in mid-September for three days, and had a wonderful time. The bush camp is gorgeous, particularly as it is situated on an escarpment that overlooks the plains below. It has an outdoorsy rustic charm with a limited number of rooms, meaning capacity is limited to several dozen tourists at a time. The staff are courteous and friendly, the food delicious, and the rooms comfortable.

2010. although the site is on the escarpment and there's a great view from the dining area, none of the luxury tents except for one has any view at all. One of the cheaper fly tents has a view, but the tent about 10 feet from the 2nd fly tent and you can hear every word spoken there. Plus several of the luxury tents weren't very far away from another luxury tent. So you're not paying for a view, or in most cases, for much privacy or, if your neighbors have kids, much quiet.

September 2009
What a wonderful place in the middle of the beauty of the Masai Mara and very close to the Masai Mara National Reserve. I have already been two times in the Masai Mara and spent both times at the Mara Siria Camp. I have enjoyed it very much as this a really lovely place with this wonderful view from the top of the escarpment into the Masai Mara. It is absolutely remarkable how much luxury is offered far away from civilization. The tents are very lovely equipped. Clean, spaciously and en-suite bathroom/toilettes. You won't lack off anything like fresh towel daily, warm shower on request or hot-water bottle under your blanket at night! Food was also excellent and having BBQ at night or sitting around the camp fire for a sundowner - itīs a perfect way to enjoy your vacation

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