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Paradise Beach Hotel  Shanzu Beach Reviews:  Shanzu, Paradise Beach Hotel Reviews

Another African Safari Club hotel disaster. In May 2011, they filed bankrupt, but we beleive they will re-emerge with a different company. Have stayed there last year and not good at all but so cheap!! Maybe under new ownership things will change. Watch this space.

2011.  I can't even bear to list everything that was wrong, but the major issue was the air con. The hotel was practically empty and we were placed in a room without air conditioning - when we asked to be moved to a room with it, they wanted an extra 200 euros a week!! I have stayed in a wooden hut on the beach in Zanzibar before with no running water and that was luxury compared to this awful hotel.

2011.  Im happy to find out today, that African Safari Club have ceased trading! That will save us poor people from putting ourselves in a potentially dangerours situation! I feel sorry for the staff though who were not paid their wages, and demoralised by their peers. Jobs are hard to find for them, and they have families to feed and clothe just like we do. My heart goes out to them.

2011.  I would advise booking B&B and paying for evening meal on a day by day basis as its only 6 euros and you can eat as much as you like. The food was OK we and our friends never got ill during the stay, at breakfast you could order eggs cooked to your requirement. There are two swimming pools that at times are very quiet, no hassle getting a sun bed. Lunch is available by the pool from a basic menu for just a few pounds.

2011.  No water in the room. No light at night. My Camera and all Kenyan Shilings stolen. A terrible stay!!!!!! what a paradox with its name.

2011.  Booked last minute and knew, just by the price, that they maybe be hic ups, knowing it was rated 3* in a third world country. How can you get a 2 week break at a peak time at the price we paid.

  1. This is the worst hotel I have ever seen! We had to change rooms three times, but still it didn't help, as all the rooms were dirty, everything was old and rusty! despite all this, the rates were still high!
  2. The staff and manermant at the hotel are brilliant they try to help as much as possible if you try to get to know them they are very helpfull i have been there twice and loved it
  3. As a party of five ranging from 20 to 56 all members had a very enjoyable holiday.
  4. I would recommend this hotel and holiday to anyone.
  5. Afican Safari Club sell the hotel as the Shanzu Paradise Beach Hotel, where in actual fact they are 2 hotels in the same chain. The Shanzu Paradise & The Shanzu Beach. There is no difference in the rooms of either hotel and all the facilities are shared - the Shanzu Paradise restaurant is however slightly better decorated and is located at beach level but the food offered is the same
  6. Do not travel with this company if you are non-white. We had our passports taken away from us for twenty minutes on our return journey by ASC staff at Mombasa Airport and when we enquired why we were told, you are Indians so your passports will have to be checked away from the check-in desk.
  7. If you have booked this hotel, try to cancel, or get a guarantee off your holiday club to say that there is nothing wrong with your hotel. We were allocated this hotel, even though we had booked 14 months in advance! I hope you like hopping from one reception desk to the next because this is what you are going to get. We have left Kenya with a bad taste in our mouths. We have holidayed in Kenya before but experienced nothing like this.
  8. Mombasa in June 2006 at Shanzu Paradise Beach resort was a wonderful experience, with a lovely, warm and cool climate. Nice rooms with air conditioning, and helpful staff. Excellent big buffet, and they had various European, Indian and Swahili cuisine/food. The cooks at paradise are some of the best you will come across. There are plenty of activities at the hotel for kids and adults, and buses to other hotels and excursions can be arranged. It is within walking distance to the local shops.

Jan 2007
The hotel has a lovely location, and there are a variety of pools and restaurants that you can use. We had 4 rooms between us, and, although somewhat shabby, they were kept spotlessly clean, had air-con and balconies with good views. Although the service at meal-times could have been more efficient, the food was of reasonable quality, there was choice, and the staff were friendly.

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