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Satao Camp Safari Reviews. Tsavo East National Park Kenya   Satao Camp Safari Kenya Reviews.

Satao Camp is a rustic accommodation with a cluster of 20 tents, which form a semi-circle around a waterhole, which regularly attracts elephant. There is a central dining area and bar, a campfire and an observation tower. The camp is in Tsavo East National Park, some 50 km from the main Mombasa Road. Tsavo East National Park is easily accessible by air and road. Game drives in open vehicles. Walking safaris along the Galana River and sand rivers. Sundowners, bush breakfast.

Satao Camp Satao Camp Satao Camp Satao Camp

2011. The best part about Satao Camp is that many of the animals come to you, since there is a man made watering hole just about 50 feet from the tents. I saw elephants, hippos, impala, and monkeys. I would recommend this resort if you just want to unwind and relax by your tent and watch animals come and go, but if you want the best game viewing you should go to Masai Mara.

2011. The camp itself was fantstic - very well set up and luxiourious. The tents are safe, spacious, clean, and mosquito free, thanks to built in nets. We spent most afternoons on day beds on our verandah watching 100s of elephants around the watering hole or at the viewing tower keeping an eye on the hippos in the water.

2010. Really nice Camp with unique location. From the luxurious tents you have a wonderfull view, during the evening you'll see the elephants walk by, going to the waterhole for a drink. I would advise the suites, the have a frontal view to the waterhole and are really comfortable. The diner is served in buffet style and is nice.

2011. I would have no hesitation in recommending Satao camp to anyone - it was a once in a lifetime trip and worth every penny!

2011. The staff at Satao are wonderful, informative and friendly - the food is also excellent, and sipping a cold Tusker beer is also highly recommended! The action doesn't stop at night, it is strangely relaxing to hear the roar of the lions and elephants at night. This place is truly magical - it is the most at peace i have ever felt.

2011. We loved Sataoi, with its wonderful views of Kilimanjaro and its spacious accommodation and particularly the skilful use of natural resources in the construction of the camp. We certainly enjoyed the food our congratulations to the chef for his imaginative and tasty menus. The opportunity for varied bush walks was an added bonus.

December 2010
Tsavo East - the trip was faultless in every sense. The national park is nowhere near as good as the Serengetti or Masai Mara, but for cheaper options near Mombasa I would recommend this - the camp is amazing and the food was better than any restaurant or hotel on the coast. If I could have stayed the whole 2 weeks here I would have done!

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