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Sarova Mara Game Camp Reviews.  Masai Mara National Park.  Sarova Mara Game Camp

Sarova Mara Game Camp Reviews. Masai Mara National Park Sarova Mara Game Camp Reviews. Masai Mara National Park Sarova Mara Game Camp Reviews. Masai Mara National Park Sarova Mara Game Camp Reviews.  Masai Mara National Park

The Mara north conservancy is in a buffer zone north of the Masai Mara. The conservancy concept means that the Masai have leased their land to a selected group of safari camps and only those can game drive in this area. So much game without many vehicles. The smaller parks were very nice, and gave us an opportunity to explore the landscape on foot - taking time to identify various birds, watch wildlife, and just breath the air. Nakuru was fantastic - lots of wildlife, and spectacular scenery, too. Masai Mara, however, was truly the Africa we'd envisioned.

2011. Amazing experience of 5 Star tent living! - We were at Sarova Mara for three amazing days of wildlife watching. The so called tents are better than some of the five star hotels and have all facilities including a proper three fixture bathroom (although with a curtain for a door!) Mosquitoes do present a problem when you move out of the tent as it is surrounded by lush vegetation so please carry some mosquito repellant cream. The food is good across breakfast, lunch and dinner and staff is extremely cordial and helpful. Overall an enchanting experience.

2011.  The Masai Mara National Reserve is fantastic! The hotel is also very good and they have a lot of entertainment! Very nice and welcoming staff! If one is not at the game they can go fishing or play badminton! Nice food and good overall! And very lovely tents!

2011. We stayed here in April 2011 as part of our Kenya safari. This was the last hotel we stayed and so we had a fair idea of what to expect and the whole facility did exceed our expectation. Located about 5 kms inside from the main gate of the Masai Mara, this nice property is quite big and spacious. They have a very nice bar with cable TV, huge restaurant and a very nice swimming pool. They also have a small putting area for golfers. Majority of their staff were very efficient and courteous. Overall a very good choice while in Masai Mara.

2011. Create place to take a nap and rest for a safari. Perfect. lots of animations Good food including breakfast. good hospitality.

2011.  Tented rooms are great. Ours was just a standard tent, but was still lovely. Food was some of the best we had in 15 days. Staff were lovely, pool was small but very clean and refreshing. Good location - saw everything we could possibly want withing a 45 minute drive at max.

2011.  My family (wife and 7 year old daughter) visited Kenya from the 1st to the 8th of April. This was our first time. We spent 1 night in Nairobi, 2 nights in Masai Mara, 2 nights in Nakuru and 2 nights in Amboseli in that order. Our stay at the Sarova Mara Game Camp was simply fabulous. The service we received was great. The tented camp room we stayed in was better than some of the hotel rooms that are on offer these days. Choice of food was good. All meals are buffets. Overall a very pleasant experience.

2011.  Our group of 10 volunteers plus our 2 drivers spent two nights at this gorgeous hotel in November. The rooms were fantasic, each tent is essentially in its own nook of the grounds, with a view of either some vegetation or a small river, with very comfortable, large beds, plenty of storage for unpacking your suitcases, and a very elegantly designed bathroom, especially considering the walls are essentially tents. We went on 4 safaris while we we stayed there, and got to see all of Kenya's big five animals! Overall, my experience at this hotel could not have been made any better. I would be very reluctant to stay anywhere else but here!

2011.  If you have not stayed at a Sarova owned hotel before then you have not experienced life! I have lived and traveled in Kenya for over 18 years and have never in my life enjoyed staying in any location (worldwide) as much as I enjoy their hotels. The Sarova Mara Game Camp has exceptional personnel working there, and you cannot leave the camp without feeling refreshed and rested. I can promise you there is not better service in ANY hotel you will ever stay at! The have set a very high standard for all the rest!

2011. Perfect holiday gateway! Friendly staff, peaceful location, close to game viewing angle the food is wonderful!

2011. The Mara Game Camp facility was wonderful - out in the middle of Masai Mara Reserve but doesn't feel like you are roughing it. We had a family tent which was more than enough space for two adults, two kids. Everything was clean and comfortable. The food was fantastic (always something for everyone, especially picky kids).

March 2010
Delighted at the standard of our rooms especilly the tents at the mara game camp and the food was great. We had the most wonderful time and saw the Big five and the Little five and to many more to mention. I celebrated a special birthday while at Lake Nakuro and the staff sang and danced for me which was very special. If any one is thinking of staying at a Sarova Hotel/lodge I would highly recommend it.

2009.  Just inside the gate of the Maasai Mara National Park. It’s laid out like a camp with a main building housing the reception area, gift shop, restaurant and bar. Out room is in a tent. This is a tent like no other we’ve ever seen. The bathroom has granite counter tops and a huge shower. There are gorgeous hardwood floors and a comfortable King size bed. We enjoyed listening to the animal sounds during the night

2009.  Sarova Mara Game Camp, a quite nice but very large complex which offers deluxe tented accommodations. "Tents" come in two categories. The cheaper ones are closer to real tents, but still sport real furniture, comfortable beds and bathrooms. The deluxe tents, to which we were upgraded, are incredibly beautiful and staying there is a real luxury.

April 2009
We loved this place and the tents could not be beat. They were wonderful. The staff was at your beck and call and would do anything to make you comfortable. Breakfast coffee in the morning before you headed out on game drive was an added touch. We left clothes in our room after asking the staff if they could use them and had to sign a sheet saying that yes we were giving them away. They were thrilled to get old tennis shoes, and golf shirts. If we had known we would have brought more.

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