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Reef Hotel Nyali Beach Kenya review:  Reef Hotel Nyali Beach Kenya

One of the best 3 star hotels. Basic in many ways but totally enjoyable. Great family place. The Reef hotel is located in the heart of the Mombasa north coast beaches. A quiet location, huge beach, near to the main attractions, restaurants, water sports, clubs, bars, shopping and mini wildlife park.

Reef Hotel Nyali Beach Kenya review Reef Hotel Nyali Beach Kenya review Reef Hotel Nyali Beach Kenya review Reef Hotel Nyali Beach Kenya review

2011. Had a very pleasant stay overall. Staff was very courteous and friendly. Buffet was very good. Best part about the hotel is the beach which is breathtaking with clear blue waters and white sands. They have several swimming pools and a well kept garden.

2011.  Beautiful hotel and wonderful staff. Everyone so welcoming with no hidden agenda. Quiet, peaceful hotel but still with plenty going on. Rooms cleaned to excellent standard every day. I will be definetly be recommending the Reef Hotel to friends and am looking forward to returning as soon as I am able.

2011.  I cant believe this hotel is only a 3 star. The food is excellent quality for a 3 star, very fresh, their salads are amazing at the lunch and dinner buffet.
The location is brilliant, right on the Indian Ocean. The bedrooms are basic but comfortable. They all have air-con and mossy nets.  The staff are very friendly and helpful. I have stayed here 8 or 9 times already in the past few years and I keep coming back

2011.  The hotel was in a beautiful location, the beach was stunning. Pure White sands. The food was mostly good, a few hit and miss meals, but mainly very enjoyable. In all I would recommend this hotel to anyone.

2011.  The hotel was much better than I had anticipated. The bedrooms were spacious and were cleaned to a good standard daily. The pool area was lovely, and was safe for the children to play in. The food was good, having something for everybody. What made my stay at the hotel so pleasant was the staff and I'd like to say a big thankyou to them! Nothing was too much trouble for them!

2011.  Having stayed at all the hotels on North and South Coast, this was one of the most enjoyable stays that we have ever had. And I have been to Kenya so many times you do not want to Know!!

2011.  What's good then? Virtually everything, to me! The room was clean and well-furnished, and any minor niggles promptly and efficiently dealt with; the food overall was tasty, varied and ample, including two meat and one fish dish each meal plus plenty of salads and vegetarian options, the grounds are huge and well-maintained, there are three large pools which are more than enough and plenty of sunbeds to go round. The staff are absolutely excellent, courteous and conscientious

2011. The hotel rate is too expensive for this standard, The showers are blocked, air condition is so noisy that i couldn't sleep at night and to make matters worse, it was leaking that i had to put a bucket underneath. The rooms are old and they need proper renovation. Other than that, the food was nice, staff were so friendly and helpful.

2011.  The Reef is a great hotel, not a resort, with a lot of charm. It's situated beautifully, and the garden and pools are wonderful, but some of the rooms desperately need to be updated. If you happen to get one of these rooms, or a room with 'wall view' for that matter, don't accept and ask for another. I finally got a beautiful room with a balcony and a great view. All together my stay was wonderful, the staff was friendly and helpful, the food was great, with an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables and excellent Indian dishes.

2011.  Overall, I had a lovely time and am keen to return at the earliest possible opportunity - that is, provided I can get an equally good deal. I had 7 nights in a hot exotic sunny tropical country, in a comfortable beach-side hotel where I didn't have to lift a finger, with plenty of good food, entertainment every evening, where people were very friendly, and I came home with a fabulous sun tan - in the middle of winter! All that for an amazing price of £600. That really is excellent value for money.

March 2011
The hotel itself was lovely. The grounds were beautiful; the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. The communal areas were well maintained and the gardens were immaculate. The pools were kept clean and there seemed to be enough sunloungers for everyone. The food was generally surprisingly good (though you have to get there early to get it while it's still fresh and plenty).

November 2010
Like everyone else I read the mixed reviews and decided to give it a go. Reef hotel is an excellent value for the money. It has exceeded our expectations. The Hotel for a 3 star rating is absolutely perfect. The Reef is a friendly and intimate hotel with great staff and service. Upon arrival we were put in a very small room on the first floor. We spoke to the reception and were moved the next day to another room. We stayed in a room on the third floor which was spacious and clean, and the bathroom as well. Good air-condition.

January 2009
This used to be a wonderful hotel, but now its in total neglect!! save for the friendly staff. The bathroom water runs out while showering, no drinking water only miserable looking flasks with salty water in the bathroom!! The rooms will do with total refurbishment. The aircon does not work most of the time, it goes on and off!! When its on, its like a tractor outside one cannot sleep. The grass outside is completely gone!! Its a pity the pool area beautiful as it is, is completely neglected, while it would be a beautiful area to sit and enjoy a meal.

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