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Pinewood Village review. Galu Beach, Diani, Kenya  Galu Beach: Pinewood Village review

Galu Beach is adjacent to the famous but crowded Diani Beach, the hub of tourist activity. 38 rooms and 20 suites created in clusters around the gardens. A very quite resort ideal for relaxing.

Pinewood Village resort galu beach galu Pinewood Village resort galu beach galu Pinewood Village resort galu beach galu Pinewood Village resort galu beach galu

2011. I travel extensively but I can honestly say that there is not a better hotel on the planet. Everyithing about is is very special, the staff,setting. food, service, warmth and friendliness of it all. The quietness and serenity was marvellous. I came away from here feeling relaxed and rejuvinated.

2011. This is probably the best hotel I have stayed in. The setting is beautiful, the staff are wonderful and just cannot do enough to please their guests. I will certainly go back again.

2011. Lovely hotel, quite but with enough to keep us happy. The staff are wonderful, the food is very good, the rooms - clean, airy and have most of what you need.

2011. The resort was way off the beaten path and at irst I thought the taxi driver was lost. After traveling on very remote, trash filled, bumpy dirt road,we arrived at the resort. Pinewood,in our opinion, was not worth the money and the owner shoud actually go to the resort and do a walk through...the owner should be embarrased.

2011. This is the first time I have felt prompted to write a review but felt I had to praise all the staff at Pinewood. Everybody, from management to the beach attendants beamed each time as they greeted us. Nothing is too much trouble!

2011. Room was very comfortable and clean, had fast internet, but slightly spoiled by light curtains, so by 7am room was ablaze with light. Nonetheless it was restful and calm and housekeeping were efficient and non-intrusive. However, the food and service was LOUSY. Lunchtime menu was full of badly made salads, junky burgers and fried fish, or seafood cooked to death with french fries cooked in oil that has probably not been thrown out since the 1990s.

2011. If you're looking for some peace and quiet away from the crowds and traffic noise then this is the place for you! The hotel is situated off the main road down a bumpy dirt track and basically in the middle of nowhere. Ideal if you want to chill out and relax without any nearby nightclubs/discos etc.

We had a wonderful stay at this hotel. The pool was warm and clean, and the rooms were superb. What a wonderful stay!

We had 10 days of heaven, we were lucky none of us suffered even an upset stomach. It will defineately be a wedding/holiday to remember, i would reccommend it to any one.

Just returned from a 2 week holiday in Mombassa - stayed at the Pinewood Village in a suite with chef, what can I say - amazing, worth every penny. The suite was lovely though when you book do tell them you want a refurbished room, our chef Evans was fantastic and the actual resort is beautiful, very small, just what my partner and I like. We will definitely return.

I can honestly say it was a fantastic holiday and resort - so much more than I expeced of Kenya. The rooms were really spacious and the air conditioning a god send - the temperatures must have been well in the 90s. We had our own chefs, although they were good dont expect them to know what clam chowder is or mussels! The grounds of the hotel were fabulous, really green and lush

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