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KENYA AIRWAYS REVIEW. An above basic service between London and Nairobi and many other destinations. Very good value flights but dont expect too much comfort or facilities. The air crew are always brilliant and the planes very clean. Food is generally ok and drinks are plentiful. For a little more, you could fly Virgin or BA, but there prices are unpredictable.

KENYA AIRWAYS customer review :  22 May 2011 by M Kenchington   (UK)

LHR to Harare via Nairobi, planes were clean and modern, departures on time, crew were very pleasant and helpful. When we flew out to Africa the onboard entertainment system wasn't working. The only negative comment I would make would be regarding Jomo Kenyatta Airport which is in need of refurbishment.

KENYA AIRWAYS customer review :  21 May 2011 by A Pedersen   (Denmark)

BKK-NBO-KGL. Boeing 767-800. Excellent service onboard, increasing inflight service, and FAs are becoming of more diverse origin - speaking a wide array of languages. 40 kg baggage allowances as standard (economy T-class). Specials meals provided and additional ordinary meals offered. Plenty of beverages. Drawbacks - a stopover in Bujumbura on the way to Kigali was not announced and FFP Miles only provided 25% despite ticket was purchased from airlines home page for common price.

KENYA AIRWAYS customer review :  15 May 2011 by Katherine Higginson   (UK)

I found Kenya Airways to be really awful. We were on honeymoon, on the way to Tanzania, TV wouldn't work, staff rude, food poor. Also lost our bags, went 4 days with no luggage. We were told it happens all the time and if you get it, you are lucky. I am surprised some of these reviews are ok on here. Would never fly with them again.

KENYA AIRWAYS customer review :  18 April 2011 by K Williams   (UK)

LHR to Nairobi and back, and found Kenya airways no worse than some airlines. Aircraft clean, food fine and service acceptable unless you have high expectations. There were no delays and onward connections to and from Mombasa went without any hitches. As for one or two comments about Nairobi airport being 'the pits' just remember that Kenya doesn't have the wealth we do and they do pretty well considering, it does the job!

KENYA AIRWAYS customer review :  13 April 2011 by Eric Walton   (UK)

Flew LHR to Nairobi economy and found Kenya Airways to good. Experience was better than expected after reading reviews.

KENYA AIRWAYS customer review :  16 March 2011 by K Franklin   (Australia)

Bangkok to Nairobi on an old 767, entertainment system that sort of worked if I held the button on the controller just right. This is too long a route for economy class frequent flyers (nearly 9 hrs) for a 767 configured like it is. The cabin service was mediocre at best. Crew were never concerned that passengers were out of their seats when the seat belt sign was on because of turbulence. There weren't enough toilets in economy class and so passengers were frequently sneaking into business class to use their toilets. I had hoped for a much more enjoyable experience.

KENYA AIRWAYS customer review :  6 March 2011 by P Patel   (Kenya)

Have been a KQ customer for many years and it was good but has deteriorated in the last 2-3 years. European routes are serviced by the B777 and the planes can be dirty (toilets) and entertainment systems are like a lottery if they work. The Asian routes are worse and are serviced by old B767 which would shame any international airline. Perhaps they think standards for Asia are not the same as Europe! The most recent trip to Mumbai and Hong Kong last month had the old seats in business which were used in the 1980s. No personal entertainment - just a projected screen. Not funny when the flight from Hong Kong is about 12 hours. 2 years ago there were flat beds on the B767 and that was what was expected when booking. Complaining to them that they should have informed us that the planes do not have flat beds resulted in drivel from customer services. Avoid KQ on Asian routes.

KENYA AIRWAYS customer review :  28 February 2011 by David Taylor   (UK)

LHR-Nairobi return, online check in works well. B777-200, both flights full, cabin crew efficient and pleasant. Outward food was good, plenty of drinks - return food not as good, breakfast" very limited. Aircraft clean.

KENYA AIRWAYS customer review :  26 February 2011 by Andrew Ford   (UK)

London to Mombasa via Nairobi, online check in would not allow seat allocation - must collect bags in Nairobi. Flights on time with alcohol etc, food under par - connection good despite having to collect luggage. Return trip would not allow online check in but got to airport early, good seat allocation Nairobi to London. Food poor, no entertainment system.

KENYA AIRWAYS customer review :  13 February 2011 by J Hogstad   (Norway)

AMS-NBO-AMS. Queues at Schiphol airport were short, web check-in worked 30 hours before departure and kept the seats I selected. Check-in and boarding seamless. The airport authority need to do something about the security checks at the departure gate though, it takes far too long and metal detectors seem to be very (too) sensitive. B777-200 on both sectors, great food to NBO, IFE kept me going on this flight. Good drinks selection and some small snacks. Priority boarding well enforced. Crew friendly and a full meal service offered despite the late departure and breakfast upon arrival.

KENYA AIRWAYS customer review :  29 January 2011 by B Sanghrajka   (Kenya)

Regularly fly Kenya Airways on business and have been a gold card member since 2007. If it were not for the loyalty card, I would stop flying Kenya Airways. They no longer have a consistent business class product. They advertise a 777 on their Asian route and you show up and its a 767! Configurations are not consistent and they use cradle seats for a 9.5 hour flight! Four years ago, they had a business class product that could compare to the other major carriers, but now its in a desperate need of an overhaul.

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