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Kaskazi Beach Hotel Kenya Reviews. Diani Beach South Rd, Diani, Kenya   Kaskazi Beach Hotel Kenya Reviews

German-managed hotel where the only pressure is deciding whether to try aerobics in the pool, have an exotic cocktail or play a final set of tennis.

Kaskazi Beach Hotel Kenya Reviews Kaskazi Beach Hotel Kenya Reviews Kaskazi Beach Hotel Kenya Reviews Kaskazi Beach Hotel Kenya Reviews

Stayed at kaskazi easter weeked and was not please with the food or the room. First the room had no working outlets, tv, non-working fringe and dirty floors. The bathroom had no towels.

If you're looking for a week long binge drinking session, go to benidorm. If you're looking for 5 star palatial accomodation and have plans to safari on camel-back, go to the Hilton in Nairobi If you're looking to relax and want to experiance Africa for the first time in comfort and safety, Go to the Kaskazi!

stayed at this hotel january 2011, with thomson as have allways trusted them .Its rated four star NEVER ever have we been so ill and treated so badly we requested a move, we were told no availability, the food was swarming with flies , birds eating the bread, the rooms were badly maintained there is no beach its just solid rock.

We stayed for one weekend at Kaskazi. Although the place looks good from the outside, it is definitely not worth the price. The rooms are worn out and basic amenities like soap, shampoo and body lotion are missing. The bath room remains humid, the air conditioning was not working properly.

Had a wonderful time here and can't believe the bad reviews on this site. I would normally say that you get what you pay for but for the Kaskazi Beach Hotel that is not true - you get more!

The two of us just needed a break for a week after the busy xmas and new year itinerary (hotel management) .The hotel is a palm-clad hangout next to the beautiful Indian ocean. No, the food is not cordon bleu but it was certainly appetising and the fish was great. The staff were friendly & helpful. The rooms were not luxurious but they were clean and comfortable.

Its 99% german occupied, the food is disgusting! we have had Bees in jam, still alive. We have both been ill with stomach complaints in the first two days, the milk is always off, the food is uncovered, the overall word to describe is would be Disgusting!!

Don't be fooled by the smart and classy sign on the roadside like we were. The hotel is a drab, soulless concrete sprawl. The staff are depressing and unhelpful.

June 2010
Fantastic holiday at the Beach Club, and a great experience in Kenya. Service is amazing, the staff will do anything for you. Room is luxurious, and in a great setting, just by the beach. Food is freshly prepared for you, and very tasty. This was our first time going long haul, definitely want to do it again!

January 2010
The Kaskazi Beach hotel was really really good. it was all clean, the room was spotless and the food was excellent, no disasters! The staff were really friendly and hospitable, nothing was too much trouble though the odd tip here and there goes a long way. The setting was good, we had no complaints.

April 2008
We stayed here in March 2006 and can't wait to go back. Everything about the hotel and holiday was excellent, I am slighlty confused by some of the less favourable reviews I have seen. There are Colobus monkeys around the grounds and they do try and pinch your food at lunchtime but the guards have slingshots to try and discourage them although we loved to see them and watch their antics.

Stayed in kaskazi hotel for 2 weeks in august 2008 and i must say it was fantastic, the food was great well cooked and plenty of it , the waiters we brill too. the entertainment staff we fantastic.

We had a week all inclusive, and to be honest it was superb. The hotel is clean and the food is impressive, you will put on a few pounds for sure. There is breakfast, dinner, cakes and drinks and then evening meal. Each night is themed like french or mexican but there are also english and kenyan dishes so you won't go hungry. With our trip we had one free meal at Aladdin's cave which is the extra restaurant at the resort and it was beautiful food, we were stuffed - something like 6 courses. The rooms were tidy and the bathrooms were spotless.

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