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Jannat House Lamu Kenya Reviews.    Jannat House Lamu Kenya

Lamu: From the narrow cobblestone streets, ancient intricate buildings and doors, donkeys, friendly people, history, and dhows... it's a very unforgettable place! A World Heritage Site, Lamu remains unchanged since the days of yore when traders from many countries used to call in here. It is a deeply religious island, and as such it is expected that you respect the traditions of the people here, for example, some shops will ask you to remove your shoes before entering, there is no alcohol available outside your hotel, so if you are looking for nightlife, then Lamu is definately not for you. If you are looking to get back to your inner self, Lamu is the place to find it.

Jannat House is a Swedish family home, which welcomes guests and offers a simple restaurant and a number of equally simple but charming rooms. Situated within Lamu town, with magnificent sea views, the House dates from the 18th century and was originally built as a merchant´s house. Decorated in typical Swahili style, with antique furniture, the House is exceptionally peaceful. There is neither air conditioning nor glass in the windows - the House is cooled by the breeze. There are no telephones in the rooms.

Jannat House Lamu Kenya Reviews Jannat House Lamu Kenya Reviews Jannat House Lamu Kenya Reviews

Jannat House Lamu KenyaStayed at Jannat for 6 nights at the beginning of August. The hotel is a very nice swaili house well renovated and with a lot of terraces with sofas where you can relax. The gardens are also very nice, there is a cool atmosphere and the personnel is friendly and helpful.
Jannat House Lamu Kenya

Jannat House Lamu KenyaVery nice place to stay. Close to town, where we could let the kids go alone because of the safe and traffic-free environment. A small, clean pool where our youngest proudly learned to swim. We liked the special features of the old building, with stairs and small terraces "everywhere" where you can find a place for yourself to relax.
Jannat House Lamu Kenya

Jannat House Lamu KenyaJannat House is a very charming house with a lot of stairs, verandahs and rooms here and there. The swimmingpool and restaurant by the poolside is a very nice meeting point, the staff are very friendly and the food is welltasting.
Jannat House Lamu Kenya

Jannat House Lamu KenyaThe third night of our stay my son got lice-bites all over his back. The owner admitted that it was not mosquitobites and fumigated the room the same day. We immediately moved out (family of four) although we had prepaid for three more nights with half board. The owner refused to give any kind of compensation, not even for the dinners we did not take advantage of. Downright appalling under the circumstances! Apart from the lice the hotel is only suited for backpackers, although it has a much higher price level than that.
Jannat House Lamu Kenya

Jannat House Lamu KenyaQuite small, the hotel began its life as two traditional Lamuan Houses that have been amalgamated into one, which gives it a central courtyard in which has been built a small swimming pool. The hotel itself is a maze of balconies and terraces which all overlook the central courtyard/pool. The rooms are furnished in simple Lamuan style, but with so much thought and attention to detail, its like being in a bygone era with a modern twist. Food was gorgeous and plentiful
.Jannat House Lamu Kenya

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