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Baobab Beach Resort Reviews. Galu Beach, Kenya  Baobab Beach Resort Reviews

The area of Galu Beach is just south of Diani Beach and is a beautiful beach however with the inevitable Beach Boys (just be firm and you are fine). Great for diving, snorkelling etc. Baobab Beach is wonderful location and resort is ok.

Baobab Beach Resort Reviews Baobab Beach Resort Reviews Baobab Beach Resort Reviews

Baobab beachRight on the coast and surrounded by 80 acres of forest, this aptly-named Baobab Beach hotel is in quite a spot. Swaying palms and native baobab trees stretch off into the distance, while a long ribbon of white sand gives way to the clear waters of the Indian Ocean. The complex itself is split into three different sections - the Baobab, the Maridadi and Kole Kole. Each one comes with its own lake-sized swimming pool, surrounded by green lawns. On the sports front, you've got everything from tennis and volleyball to scuba diving and windsurfing. If something more relaxing is in order, head to the spa or take a walk through the grounds of the hotel - they're home to exotic birds and monkeys.
kole kole resort

Baobab beachThere is a fridge which is only stocked with water, a fan and a very good air conditioning unit which you certainly needkole kole resort

Baobab beachThe A La Carte restaurant is a hit and miss, when we went the first time is was very good, second time we had to send it back, it just wasn't consistentkole kole resort

Baobab beachHave just spent the last two weeks at the Kole Kole and had a fab time, the place is great, the staff are excellant and cant do enough for you. Every where you go is Jambo, Jambo (hello) the place is so clean and tidy, the rooms are excellant ours had 2 large double beds with nets. The pool was the infinity pool and we spent hours laid against the wall looking at the clear blue indian ocean.kole kole resort

Baobab beachMy partner and I stayed in the Kole Kole wing of the Baobab Beach resort in September 2008. It is truly a dream location. From the stunning indian ocean, powder white beach, to the top class 5* service in the hotel, everything was spot on. The style of the accommodation was traditional african, lots of wood and hand made rugs, with 4 poster beds and a separate toilet/ sink and shower area. Excellent air con, ideal for those hot nights and HUGE balcony, complete with double sunbed so you can lie downkole kole resort

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