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Flightcenter Kenya cheap flights Flightcenter Kenya cheap flights
Flightcenter Kenya cheap flights Flightcenter Kenya cheap flights
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Flightcenter Kenya cheap flights
Flightcenter Kenya cheap flights
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Traveler Description
Organizer and provider of wildlife safaris.

Address: Nilnkatha Building (next to Bella Plaza)
Phone: +254 41 476518

Traveler Reviews

Fantastic safari, excellent service and a bargain!!!
Reviewed by Fullback on Mar 7, 2011
Flight Center Kenya Flights Malindi Mombasa reviews and guides

Took a 2 night 3 day safari with Glorious from Mombasa to Tsavo East and Amboseli. Our driver/guide was the wonderful Shauri, who was knowledgeable, spoke beautiful English and had eyes like a hawk and missed nothing. There was alot of driving involved as we wanted to see Kilimanjaro, but having seen the mountain appear from the gloom at 6:00am one morning, I would have journeyed many more miles to see it. Absolutely magical and a morning that will live with me forever. We saw 4 of the big 5 (rhinos not common in either park- Tsavo West seems your best bet) and many many others including a beautiful Cheetah just wondering near the track. If elephants are your thing Amboseli is a must. The lodges were excellent, although we read they were far from the most expensive. Voi lodge and Kibo Camp. We paid for the safari with Shadrick before we left, through his UK agents, which was our choice. All the arrangements were handled promptly and to our complete satisfaction. Any experience is only as good as the people you have to guide you and the people you share it with. We had a truly memorable and pleasurable experience with Shauri and the Savannahs of Kenya.

Outstanding safari with great guide!!! Dont hesitate - just book Glorious!
Reviewed by diddydi83 on Feb 24, 2011
Flight Center Kenya Flights Malindi Mombasa reviews and guides

We booked our safari back in the UK before we left and the service we recieved from Shadrack was brilliant - he would respond to our many queries by email always within the hour and he was happy to design an itinery that allowed us to visit everywhere we wanted. The price was really good too and for only the two of us in the van. We paid the deposit by cheque into their UK bank account and shortly recieved receipts for our accomodations. When we arrived at our beach hotel in Kilifi we met Shadrack the evening before to pay the balance. He asked us to meet out the hotel gate - this is becuase they cannot operate within the hotel as the UK Tour Operators do not like it so dont have any worries about this. Also we paid the balance in pounds and were given a receipt in shillings - again do not worry about this. Shadrack was very proffesional and took time to go over the details of our safari with us - we were left feeling very satisfied that we had booked with a good, reputable company and were looking forward to setting off the next morning. Patrick was our driver and what a lovely man he is - he is a quiet man with a lovely smile and great sense of humour - he was always on hand to answer our questions and we had some lovely chats with him. Patrick was excellent at spotting the animals and very knowledgeable - he could see things with his bare eyes that I had trouble finding through binoculars!! We started at Tsavo East and stayed at Voi Safari Lodge (lovely hotel with great views) and we also visited the elephant orphanage which I would highly recommend. We saw the elephants come in for the night and were able to feed them milk and get very close to them. Despite the rain we had, we still has some great sightings. The next day we travelled out of Tsavo East and some miles to Amboseli where we stayed at Kibo camp (another fantastic place with luxury tents - and it was a great adventure sleeping out in the wilds). During the evening game drive we again had rain but it was quite an adventure and completely changed the landscape, and again we had some good sightings. On the last day we had a final morning game drive in Amboseli, then headed back through Tsavo West where we visited the lava flows and Mzima springs. It was really beautiful here and there were 2 hippos in the water, just popping their noses out every few minutes to breathe. We were due to have lunch here and then head back to resort but Patrick had heard there were lions in the area so he went in search of them. He drove several miles to find them where they were sleeping under a tree next to the road just 2m away from the van!! It is here that we stopped and ate our lunch next to the lions!! what a fantastic experience which we will never forget! Patrick drove many miles and for many hours each day - we feel we got far more for our money than you would with a major tour operator and plus the money goes direct to the Kenyans! When speaking to others back at our hotel they had not seen as much as us because of the rain - but we saw so much despite the rain!! In fact it is easier to say what we didnt see rather than what we did! Overall it was fantastic - please do not hesitate in booking with Glorious - they will not disapoint and you are supporting the local people!! We already want to go back!!

Outstanding service and amazing safari - the best there is!!
Reviewed by Moddingtonpea on Feb 20, 2011
Flight Center Kenya Flights Malindi Mombasa reviews and guides

We booked a 3 night air safari from Mombasa to the Masai Mara with the wonderful Glorious Safaris, travelling in February 2011. We had researched loads of safari companies on trip advisor before we booked. When we initially emailed Glorious for a quote we were so impressed with how quickly Shadrack replied and how helpful both he and Nikky (rep in the UK) were. The prices quoted were also less than the other companies we had emailed. We got a really good feeling about Glorious and we were proved right as the service we got from them was just amazing! We had seen a couple of lodges we liked the look of, and as well as quoting for these Nikky suggested the Royal Mara lodge. As soon as we looked on the website we knew we had to stay there! It was out of this world! (seperate review of the lodge). We were a party of 7 family members and emailed Shadrack and Nikky quite a few times about various things and they always without fail replied within 24 hours with a friendly, helpful reponse. We paid 20% deposit on booking and did this by transfer to Glorious' UK HSBC account. As soon as the transfer had been done, we received a receipt from Shadrack. We then paid the balance 2 weeks before departure, again by transfer. We had the choice of doing this or paying the balance by cash when we arrived in Mombasa but the transfer was much easier for us and again we got a receipt straight away. The day we arrived in Mombasa, Shadrack met us at our hotel and ran through a briefing as to what would happen on our safari. We were then picked up at 6am on the day of the safari and driven to Moi airport. The flights were fantastic (and most of us are nervous fliers!) and we got great views, especially on coming into land when we saw elephants and lots of different animals even before starting the game drive! The safari itself was outstanding. We were so happy with the lodge Glorious had recommended to us and the game drives were wonderful. We saw all the big 5, including both types of rhino and loads of lions! Everything went so smoothly. There were no problems or mix ups and everything was exactly on time and just the way Shadrack had said it would be. Shadrack himself picked us up from the airport on the way back and asked all about our trip and ensured we had the best time. We had been on safari in Mombasa before with other companies, which were good, but not a patch on Glorious. We honestly feel they are the best there is and if you are considering booking with them you will have the most wonderful experience. We had the trip of a lifetime and hope we will be back before long. Thanks so much Shadrack and Nikky! Mark, Emma & family

Glorious safaris as well as customer service
Reviewed by Leeds_Mad on Feb 19, 2011
Flight Center Kenya Flights Malindi Mombasa reviews and guides

The wife and I are just back from 2 weeks? holiday in Kenya spent during the first 2 weeks of Feb 2011. The beach hotel we stayed at was the Travellers Club in Bamburi, Mombasa and below are the lodges we stayed at throughout our 6 day safari booked with Glorious Safaris: Sarova Salt Lick (Taita Hills) Voyager Ziwani (Tsavo West) Ol Tukai (Amboseli) Galdessa (Tsavo East) Voi Safari Lodge (Tsavo East) Safe to say they are are all excellent places to stay; I may not get chance to write reviews on the above accommodations but I just had to offer my praise for Glorious Safaris. Shadrack and his team were amazing throughout our stay in Kenya. I spent more time researching which safari operator to use than the time actually spent in Kenya, let alone safari! It took some time to decide which company to work with not just based on the price of the package being offered but also the recommendations and reviews here on TA. Having narrowed it down to about 4 companies, it was a choice made easy with the reviews of Glorious Safaris on here, the concise and clear emails in reply to our many queries as well as the price being quoted by Shadrack ? the managing director. On top of this, we also negotiated return airport transfers as well as a full day?s tour of Mombasa which included a trip to Haller Park. From the moment we left Moi airport, everything ran as promised: (the highly-praised) Patrick, our driver-guide for our safari, was there waiting for us outside of arrivals with a little plaque with our names to take us to the Travellers Club hotel. As well as not having to wait for the Thomson bus to leave, it was a nice touch after a long, overnight flight to have a private transfer so we could start unwinding even before we got to the hotel! The following day, Shadrack met us at the hotel and we then went through the itinerary we?d put together whilst in the UK to confirm everything and offer a little more detail on the plan for the 6 days we would be on safari. Further to this, we had some problems with our Safaricom sim card which Shadrack was kind enough to sort out for us, so he took us to the local supermarket (Nakumatt) where there is a Safaricom shop so they could resolve the problem. The problem was soon fixed but we also then allowed to carry out a little shopping for snacks and gifts before Patrick came to return us to our hotel. Describing this may not sound like a major thing, but its another example of going above and beyond for the customer. The day after was the first day of our safari and we left the hotel at 6am. We stayed at the lodges in the order stated above, and they were all fantastic. Our safari was even better; you can?t predict what the wildlife is going to do and when but it is essential everything you have planned upon runs on time and that is exactly what happened. We didn?t miss anything from our carefully planned itinerary such as night game drives, bush walks, visit to the elephant orphanage etc. This was all down to Patrick, who, if you read the reviews, is the main man! He?d spot things miles away as if they were sat on the bonnet but the best thing was he wouldn?t tell you straight away were the animal was, but instead allow you to try find it. This is a very subtle thing. It may sound simple but one?s own enjoyment and experience is enhanced by becoming a little more involved as opposed to just being told ?there?s a giraffe, there?s an elephant?. Additionally, he?d often hear on the radio of a lion or cheetah spotting and start driving to where the report came from but without telling us. This, again, simple thing, adds to the excitement as you?re often caught unawares and then there?s a cheetah running away from some hyena! Patrick also seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to finding the animals. We drove back and forth past a certain area in Tsavo East about 3 times and then on the final way back we were met with about 5 vehicles all looking at the lions Patrick knew were there even though he couldn?t see them ? amazing. On top of the animal finding/spotting, Patrick is so knowledgeable not just about the wildlife but about his country and it makes the often long journeys fly by with some great discussion and stories. To sum-up, he?s just a great guy to be around with a brilliant sense of humour. It was sad when our safari came to an end so we were lucky to have Patrick take us on our full day tour of Mombasa which included the likes of the Akamba carving factory and Haller Park. Glorious Safaris have an office in Mombasa and on our way back from safari, Shadrack insisted Patrick bring us in to meet him and the team. Shadrack just wanted to make sure everything went as planned ? which it did! Nothing on the itinerary was missed off nor did we have anything negative to report or any issues with our rooms at the lodges ? all were especially requested with the best views. That said, he was always in touch with Patrick to make sure things were going OK and he also gave us a mobile phone with his numbers on there in case we had any problems we could ring him any time of day. A nice touch but we never had the need to use it. In fact, Patrick added something to the itinerary on our way back to Mombasa. After hearing of my love of snakes and the lack of seeing them in the wild, we stopped at the Tsavo Snake Park ? not much of a park, but a couple of rooms ? to see some not so deadly snakes which we were allowed to handle and some extremely deadly ones we WEREN?T allowed to handle including a spitting cobra and a black mamba! May not be everyone?s cup of tea but it made for some excellent photos. Unfortunately (for us!), Patrick was on safari when we made our way back to England, so another driver who has been mentioned on here, Shauri, was in charge of our transfer to the airport. We only spent an hour with Shauri but he was a very nice and knowledgeable man who I have no doubt would also offer a brilliant time on safari too if you are lucky enough to join him. Shauri also gave us an envelope containing a post card Patrick had been kind enough to write for us with a personal message. To conclude, I just want to point out, one may think they are just booking their safari with Shadrack and Glorious Safaris but that isn?t the case. Something they proactively enforce with you is that they are there for you throughout your stay in Kenya which is a great thing to have should you have any problems or questions about anything. It?s also reassuring you have someone you can rely on should have any issues along the way. An example of this was our requirement for a plug adaptor to use whilst on safari. I called Shadrack at about 7pm the night before our safari but Patrick still turned up at 6am along with the adaptor! If you?re at the stage we were in deciding which company to use or which safari to do, stop here and simply drop Shadrack a line. He?ll clear-up any queries and also offer an amazing experience in an amazing country! Please feel free to drop me a pm if you would like any more info on any of the above. If you checkout my profile, you can see I've made many forum posts but never submitted a review for the places we've been to over the years. The fact I have written this one hopefully helps portrait the amazing experience we have had :-)

fantastic and worth every penny/shilling
Reviewed by Parting on Feb 5, 2011
Flight Center Kenya Flights Malindi Mombasa reviews and guides

We booked over the internet with Shadrack, and met him outside our hotel to discuss the safari. Our driver/guide was Patrick a very pleasant man with a wonderful knowledge of the animals and the areas. We did a 3 day 2 night safari and we were amazed at how Patrick when driving could spot the animals. The Safari was tiring but very enjoyable seeing the wildlife(except for the Rhinos). A good company who look after you.

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